5 Ways to Make Money During Inflation

inflation 2021

There is plenty of speculation that inflation could become a factor in 2021. Not only has the fed injected billions of dollars of free money into the economy, but the cost of raw goods has risen in the wake of supply chain shortages. For investors, this creates an intriguing opportunity. On one hand you have the escalating values of stocks and other assets, and on the other hand you have historically low interest rates to help fuel new moves during inflation.

Here is a quick list of ideas to make the most money from an inflationary period:

1. Sell overvalued real estate while it is commanding top dollar.
2. Sell overvalued assets such as growth stocks and physical assets like collectibles.
3. Invest in stocks & ETFs with long term growth prospects that outpace inflation.
4. Start a new asset-light business that can add income with profit margins that exceed inflation rates.
5. Earn commissions by selling inflated assets while they are in high demand.

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