My Top 5 Stock Investing Strategies for 2021

2021 stock investing strategies

If you've been investing for at least a few years then you know the conditions can change rapidly. The stock investing strategies that worked last year will likely need adjusted for the economic rebound of 2021. The best opportunities of 2021 will have a different context in an upward economy. Here are some strategies In will be using to maximize returns this year.

1. Get greedy at the top.
Lock in gains when your stocks hit their targets.

2. Monitor interest rates and Bitcoin prices.
These will be key indicators in 2021.​

3. Cost basis management.
Dips can offset high prices in the stocks you really like.

4. Understanding reopening vs. digital transformation stocks.
The world is changing fast and you have to recognize which plays have the most upside.

5. Invest in profitable companies.
Simple but effective. If no EPS then keep searching.

This post originally appeared as a video on the 40 Finance YouTube Channel